Wednesday, December 28, 2011

choosing happiness

Nothing going major headlines or news.  Had my back on ice this morning for two hours watching "sex and the city". OK, OK, I LOVE all that fashion stuff, anyway, there is a line in the movie when one of the fabulous four says she is happy every day "not all day' but happy every day" .  That got me to thinking about happiness.  What does it take to be happy?  When I am just doing nothing but hanging with my family, I am happy.  Just the day to day stuff, no major event to celebrate except it  I mean isn't that huge.  I don't have a party to go to, or an event to dress up for,  But I look around me and I am happy to celebrate life with this precious family of mine. 
           My hubby who keeps us thinking about health and good things for our future, our constant positive push forward, He is strong and wise and we are so happy he is home. Our teenage son Ethan who keeps us laughing and in awe of the young man he is becoming...a gentleman,  (who would rather be late for class then not hold the door open for someone), loyal, smart, athletic and talented young man with more interests and hobbies then we can keep up with.  Our Cameron who is our video game genius (he beats games faster then we can blink),  and the best friend you could ever want, with a wonderful imagination.  He loves this country and wants to defend it one day.  He is kind and smart and is a fine young man. He is curious soul.  With that black hair and blue eyes, he has the girls going crazy already. Then their is our little Madison who is not so little, she is  tall,  athletic, innocent and smart as a whip.  A 10 year old beauty who cares about school, her friends and family.  She loves animals and has a precious heart for others.  They all enjoy serving others and that speaks volumes about them as people. 
I am so lucky and blessed to call this bunch la familia...that I get to walk through life with them.  They are my every happiness even when I am not feeling so happy.  They lift me up and keep me going. 
Choosing to be happy isn't always easy, sometimes don't you just want to scream about stuff that is happening.  When the things of life are frustrating and sad and is a choice to be happy, to look forward and keep moving.  To be happy with what you have, whether it be a lot or a be happy with the little things, the day to day things. 
So with nowhere to go and nothing special to do, I am happy...and grateful.

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