Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tattoo's, bracelets and tights

      Things I love... tights, bracelets, scarves.  It makes dressing more fun to put things together that you think may not go together and then...surprise, it works.
       My tattoos,  I love them.  I really do.  Most of them are old and faded but they tell a little story about me, or several stories.   I told myself I would not get any more but I can't help myself.  I adore them.  My newest is the camera on my wrist which is so special to me for many reasons.  I got it this summer in Ohio from a very talented and sweet fella named Matt Clemmer.  Me and my sis Jenny had them done together.  I had Matt put E=MC2 in the camera for my kiddos. Then there is a tiny N tucked away on it for Nate. I have to say that that one is my fav.
        I have a ring of flowers around my ankle that I got in Little Five Points in Atlanta.  I got this tattoo after my dad died.  It represented life to me,  and after years of trying to kill myself I needed reminding, That life is something beautiful, not to be taken for granted, but cherished.  I got three in New Orleans while in grad school.  I got a "w" for my dad William but upside down it is an "m" for my grandmother Mary. I got a butterfly near my neck, I realized in New Orleans that I had wings and should not be afraid to fly.  I also got a Chinese symbol meaning spirit or soul on my low back, after years of studying many religions I found home in Christianity. 
        These tattoos go much deeper then their faded ink,  I was sad, troubled, happy or healed and they are my witnesses to that, my special little badges just for me.
        What girl doesn't love jewelery?  I love bracelets, the chunkier the better. I wear them stacked a lot of the time.  Tights and crazy socks are my weakness also.  Love to wear em' with boots or heels.  They are fun, funky and colorful and make me smile. I can't get enough of scarves, especially during the colder months.  It is pretty chilly here in Missiouri...time to break out the hats too.

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