Saturday, December 24, 2011

One true meaning....

     Wow...I may just be married to the most thoughtful man ever. Nate and I had decided that we wouldn't be buying for each other this year. He left his job to come home for good instead of traveling with his company and so we really needed to budget.
     My gift this year was Nathan coming home anyway. What better gift then to be with the one you love and who loves you?!
      I can tell Nathan had been waiting for something to come in the mail...When he was sure the package wasn't coming, on Christmas Eve Nate apologized to me and said he had tried to get all my Uncle Arthur's Cd's for me for Christmas. This is so precious because my uncle passed away almost 6 years ago and I miss him so much. I adore my Uncle's music. It really speaks to me.
Swoon over my hubby. He is a keeper. The thought is just as precious to me as the Cd's would have been.
     Isn't that one of the true meanings of the is the sweet thoughtfulness and warmth from our loved ones that make it the most magical time of the year.
     If  you click here  then click on Arthur Miscione, you can click on any of his songs from his Cd entitled Non-Fiction...have a listen to some wonderful music created by a lovely man.  A side note...I named his song entitled "Trolley on St. Charles Ave". I was attending grad school in New Orleans and he called me to let me know he was working on a song... he wanted my input on a title. Wow, talk about an honor.  Anyway I loved the song, of course, and it reminded me of New Orleans and the Trolley.  If you only listen to one of his songs, give "I wonder too" a listen....I danced with my babies to that song, although I love them all.
    Here is an article written about my amazing and talented Uncle Arthur.  He left us too soon but will forever live in my heart.
Music: Tucson loses something special with artist’s passing - Tucson Citizen Morgue, Part 1 (2006-2009)
Hope it is a magiacal Christmas for you all!  God Bless you and Keep you...always

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