Friday, September 19, 2014

Parking lot Blessings

   Blessings can be seen anywhere...even in a parking lot at 10pm. 
   I should start by saying that  I am admittedly a bad friend.
 I love my friends dearly, however,  over the years I have been horrible about keeping in touch.
 Life's happenings just seem to take up my day to day
 and I lose time over the little things...
which are the big things.
I am not good at schedules, I am notoriously late,
 I am more of a "fly by your seat" kinda gal.
 So when you run into a friend
while you are picking up your daughter from a volleyball game
 and you get to visit and pray together,
 it is a blessing.
When your friend stops in to your office just to say hello and chat for a few moments,
 it is a blessing. 
 These unplanned moments are some of the most special moments.
I consider myself one of the luckiest girls as I have delightful friends
 that are supportive and love me just the way I am,
flaws and all.
These moments are given to us as gifts. 
 Maybe because God knows our hearts, He knows we want those connections,
yet are not good about making them on our own sometimes,
puts people in the right place at the right time,
to connect with us
  to bless us.
That we can hopefully bless.
So thankful for parking lot blessings.


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