Sunday, May 25, 2014


I need your help 2014.
I need you to slow down. 
I need you to be kind.
I would like you to be sweet to my children
so they will look back on this year
with happy hearts.

I welcome you to bring us new opportunities.
I want to learn new things this year,
I want to push myself and reach goals,
even the ones that my brain tells me are unattainable.
I want to be brave.
I want to serve more.
I want my children to drink you up and
really taste every minute, to revel in the moments.
 To  let their hearts be full
learn from mistakes that might not be made
if they play it safe.
To help us take chances
to let their HOPE soar.

As we near summer break
I pray over them with a reverent heart,
For grace, for mercy.
I think about my 16 year old driver,
my football player
my girl who wants to do it all...

Let them be little,
Let them have fun,
Let them help others,
Let them be brave,
Let them be safe.
Let them remember to enjoy each second.

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