Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Reason

Our Easter looked much different this year.
As our children grow,
 our holidays are celebrated a little differently.
It isn't necessarily good or bad, just different.
This year,
it was less about baskets and egg hunts
and more about Jesus.
I mean our children have always known
the meaning of Easter
This year it was really the focus of our day.
Where getting dressed up for photos and church,
then home for egg hunts and basket digging
was once  the order of our day,
Sugar highs prevailed,
This year we cherished just being together,
discussing what we heard in service,
Turned our eyes to Him.
Our day started with a service that
was both meaningful and uplifting.
Focusing on
what God did for us,
that our Saviour lives
and we are forgiven.
Isn't that the most beautiful gift we could ever receive?!

I had meant to post this but time got away from me.
I do hope your Easter was lovely.

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