Friday, August 30, 2013

~ his heart~

This one
who I call Cam...
who I call my middle,
my gentle giant.
His heart
it melts me.
It takes my breath away how kind he is.
His heart
knows what it is like to be bullied,
to be sad.
To want to give up and not try.
His heart knows
how to be brave,
how to try again
how to Not give up.
His heart 
makes me want to be a better Mama.
His heart knows others,
respects, and loves well.
The Boys of Fall by Kenny Chesney on Grooveshark

Last year was so hard for this precious heart.
 {you can read more about that Here}
This year he went in with a stronger heart,
a smile, compassion, a heart for others
and a new sport.
I am so proud of how brave he was last year
It is amazing what love and time can do for a heart.
Here is to my boy of fall!

1 comment:

alicia said...

Janine, he's going to rock in football. Give him my love. U raised a great kid.


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