Wednesday, September 4, 2013

On the road...

When Ethan turned 15 in March,
all he talked about was getting his permit
and how he could not wait
to drive.
Then something interesting happened.
 In health class they had a unit
 about driving safety, being on the road with others,
about texting and driving.
He saw awful images
 that impacted him deeply.
Suddenly my teen wasn't
fixated on getting on the road after all.
Those images have stuck with him and I believe
this has made him see
things differently.
I finally took him last Tuesday to get his permit.

I was really proud of him, he did great.
I love that he knows what a
big deal driving is.
His buddy Kennedy is older
and has been taking Ethan to school
for the last few days.

Letting your kids grow up is so difficult,
between allowing them to make choices
for themselves and learning
from their mistakes.
I am in constant prayer for their
safety and obedience.
Trusting your children to do the right thing
gives them the confidence to do just that.
Knowing when they are ready to accept more responsibility
and then monitoring how they handle
different situations is huge.
Each day I learn something new, about my children,
and about parenting.
That saying "parenting isn't for wimps",
It is true indeed!
 Happy Wednesday friends!

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