Friday, May 17, 2013

Iphoneography and Instagram

I do love to capture moments with my phone,
It is quick and easy.
With all of the cool apps out there
you can create some pretty
amazing  images.
Those of you that know me, understand then,
that I have a slight addiction with both
taking photos and Instagram.
I thought I would share my
Go To apps for taking pics with my I phone and Instagram.

This first app is one I have used for a long time.

My favorite tool to use on this app is the "light" filter,
it offers bokeh filters (so fun)...
it is easy to use and you can layer effects.

 {which used to be known as Afterglow}.
Is a neat app because it offers different frames like, round and oval.

The newest one that I am in love with and could not wait 
for it to come out
A beautiful mess
{yes, from the creators of A Beautiful Mess Blog}
which I also love.
This app offers so many adorable features,
backgrounds, borders and doodles, oh my.

The main camera I use
on my I phone 4 is
Camera +
It takes nice clear photos and it has
effects that you can add to your photos as well.
I have used this camera since I got an I phone.

You can follow along on my instagram
over  Here
I would love to hear about the apps that you use and love.
Leave me a comment sharing your faves,
I will check them out.

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