Wednesday, February 27, 2013

(Social) Workin' it

My new role...
Social Worker.
It has been such a long time since I have done this work.
I am loving my new job and the opportunities that arrive every day.
Helping and serving others...
 ahhh,  my heart swells,
social work is is doing just that...serving.
This little town I am living in holds some of the dearest people.
It is amazing what people can survive and
keep their faith.
It is such a priviledge being able to help these
fine people in some small way.
The ladies I work with are mighty warriors who
get the job done with a smile.
They have welcomed me into their little group
and I feel honored to know each of them.
Hard working, compassionate, and
ready for any task.
This is not a job for the weary or if
you like to sit at a desk.
 Walking through many halls, taking the stairs
even getting lost once in a while.
I would love to teach Social Work one day...
For now you can find me in the halls
of this little hospital
putting my Masters degree to wonderful use,
trying to help...
trying to uplift...
always (Social) Workin' it.
Do you enjoy your work? I would love to hear what you do,
or what your dream job may be.
Have a wonderful week friends!!!

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