Thursday, February 14, 2013


Happy Valentines day friends.
I pray that all days you feel loved and special,
not just on this day.
I surprised the kiddos with heart shaped muffins which were a hit...
I love it when my teen boys are still touched
by little details like a heart shaped muffin.
 I have been putting little notes in Madi's lunch box
all week. She loves getting notes...
that makes this Mama so happy, cause if I did it
for my teen boys...they would think I had lost it!!!
We are so excited to be taking the kids to the Rock and Worship Roadshow
tonight for Valentines day.
It is a family date.
Nine Christian bands and a whole lot of fun.
This will be Madi's first concert.
Jeremy Camp, Family Force Five among others will
be rockin the house.
The kids were surprised when we told them and so excited.
I think it will be such a sweet way to spend
time together on this special day.
A treasure came by the way of a photo that my Aunt Betty
shared with me via Facebook the other day...
a photo of my parents (who are not with me any longer).
It was the best gift!!!
My beautiful Mom and Dad...
they are so missed!
I wanted to share the Valentine we did for Madi's teacher...
got the idea from Pinterest of course.
It turned out so cute and was
very easy.
We filled the jar with Reese's pieces.
My son surprised me by putting a tattoo on his arm this week
at school with permanent marker...
I didn't care one bit!
Yes, it says I love mom!
I was able to snap some photos of my kiddos this
week that I am still editing...
I will post them soon,
here is a peek.

I hope you have a wonderful day filled
with all kinds of  Love!!!

Happy Valentines day!


Kassi Mortensen said...

I used to love when my mom would give me lunch notes! So fun! Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, I am a new follower love this post! Thanks for sharing!


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