Sunday, October 21, 2012

Celebrating Cam

Happy Sunday friends.
We are doing some serious celebrating over here
in a sea of streamers.
Cameron is 13 today.
I am over the moon, I am sad
(he is growing up so fast),
I am excited to see what the Lord has in store
for this fine young man.
 This kid has a heart for God and others.
He loves people well.
He is a good big brother to his sister,
but he can sure play the tough guy when the mood
He is all boy.
His big brother took him
roller skating Friday night,
I was told that is when
when the big kids go...
Our weekend has been mixed with smiles and tears.
We payed our respects and said
goodbye to a wonderful man
on Friday night, 
Colonel Gary Herchenroeder.
Cameron was worried about his friend,
whose Dad left us much too soon.

I feel so blessed to be Cams mom.
He is a boy after my heart.
He is his daddy's son,
he loves
camping, guns, knives and being in or near the water.
His dad is in California right now working
and Cam wouldn't do his party
without him so
we will have a bash when Nate returns.

We spent Saturday at play rehearsal followed
by an afternoon of hot air balloons and
a lovely sunny day.

So today is Cam's favorite breakfast...
chocolate chip pancakes,

and dinner out,
presents and cake,
candles, wishes, hugs,
and blessings for a wonderful and
happy year ahead.
Wonder what it will be like to have two teenagers
(two teenage boys)
in our home...

keep you posted.

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