Wednesday, September 19, 2012

~Note to self and all my girls~

I have been doing a lot of self exploration lately.
I wrote a little abut this yesterday.
Not all of it has been good or positive.
I know that I am not alone.
 I got to thinking about all my girlfriends,
who are hard on themselves too.
What I am unable to say to myself right now,
I will share with you
Here is the truth...
Here is what I know...
You are beautiful! You are worthy!
We are so hard on ourselves aren't we.
If we gain weight, we beat ourselves to a pulp with
self dialogue that is so negative,
so abusive.
We disect every line, every wrinkle.
If we don't get our housework completed
as scheduled we beat up on ourselves
about that.
If we have jobs outside the home,
we are so critical about our job
performance at work.
No one else has to say a thing, we have become our
own worst enemy.
I loved taking Women's Studies at Tulane,
I learned so much from the professor I had.
 So why is it
that we don't lift each other up more.
We are able to lift others up
 can not do the same for ourselves.
what are we afraid of?
You are perfect just the way God has
designed you to be.
Who are you to say any different?
To all my girls out there...
I pray that you know
 God loves you and thinks you are just
precious exactly the way you are.
Maybe we can borrow these feelings from each other,
until we actually feel this way about ourselves.
Just a note to myself and YOU!

1 comment:

Chelsea said...

Thanks so much for posting this!! Definitely needed that encouragement. Keep up the good work! Be blessed :)


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