Friday, September 28, 2012

The unsexy truth

I have to say my Mom kinda prepared me. I remember her talking about menopause
and how awful it was for her. She said she felt crazy some days.
She would talk about how she just didn't feel like herself.
Well, I am there.

It is like when I had babies,
and I was full of raw emotions. So excited and nervous about all
the changes my body was going through, all the newness.
This is the same in a way, but different.
It means I am getting older and with that
there is a sadness of course,
but there is this happiness too because of all that
lies before me.
Watching my children grow is the best,
it truly helps me get through some of these days.
I am blessed to have a patient hubby.
The unsexy truth is that
 I do feel
crazy some days.
Between hot flashes, unpredictable menstrual cycles,
my body trying to figure out what it wants to do....
I am sad some days and couldn't tell you why.
I am moody, I am over sensitive,
hot flashes come and I need the air on and then
I am suddenly freezing and need a sweater.
Jekyll and Hyde sorta stuff going on here.
There is this unspoken thing
about menopause...
It is not sexy, the option to have babies is gone, your old...
that sort of stuff.
It doesn't define who I am now, It can be what I make of it.
 I have had really bad days, I know I will probably have more,
It's ok because I know what it is.
I am only as old as I allow myself to feel.
With three kiddos who keep me
I am not ready to be old yet.
This gal has a lot of life left in her.
46 can be sexy, menopause and all
 I am working on feeling that way

It is good to talk about this kind of stuff,
I certainly know I am not alone.
Even if it feels that way some days.
Happy Friday Lovelies...
Have a wonderful weekend.
Madi's sweet homemade birthday party
will be up on the blog later today.


Chelsea said...

Don't ever let your age get you down! In the Bible, aging and changing is a good thing! You can make 46 sexy! Be blessed :)

jenshank said...

Ughhh, I dread it! You look great sis as always, no one would ever guess your age!!


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