Friday, September 28, 2012

A backyard party

For Madi

Madison and Ethan were so sweet and such a big help.
Madison even did face painting.
Our baby girl turned 11 on the first.
I know she isn't a baby anymore,
but she is our youngest and that makes her our baby.
I was so blessed 11 years ago with this sweet soul.
She isn't in a hurry to grow up, and that is mighty fine with me.
I wanted to share some pictures of her adorable party we did
right in our backyard.
It was colorful, sweet and loads of fun.
I was inspired by some images on Pinterest of course.
You can see all my boards here.

I started with the idea of a homemade photo booth and went from there.
My friend Robin and I found adorable frames at a
local thrift store and got to painting.
I also painted mason jars to go on the tables to hold
paper straws and glow sticks for the girls to
take with them.

I wanted to use lots of color.  So I bought two different color plates, with different patterns and layered them and I did bright green polka dot napkins.
I found an inexpensive frosting kit with several little containers at TJMaxx
 so that all the girls could be decorating their cupcakes
at the same time
It truly was a beautiful day
The photo booth was easier than I thought it would be,
and the girls absolutely loved it.
I had props out for them and they brought the personality.
I used a red and white striped sheet under a lace table cloth as the back drop. 
My husbands friend had made this frame as part of a game for my kiddos so it came in
handy to hold the backdrop.
I hung three different picture frames from our tree using
string. My husband tied a washer to the string and threw it up around the branch.
These photo props were found at Walmart,
I made the happy birthday sign prop.
All the frames were found at local thrift stores except the white one
which was purchased at Michael's
Madi and pretty Gracie
 sweet Savannah
precious Elizabeth
I added a little glitter to these glasses for the girls
She is so comfortable being silly
sweet Lucy

I made this little sign to remind the girls to smile.
Madi and adorable Katie
the lovely Megan
A little boy from down the street wandered over and asked if he could hang out.
Cameron made a new friend named Benny.
I did a table with all sorts of craft supplies, so that
the girls could decorate the frames for their photo booth
photos and also their cupcake boxes.
The girls loved this idea.
I baked tons of cupcakes,
the girls got to ice and decorate one to take home in
cute boxes that looked like Chinese take out boxes.

They loved jumping together on the trampoline.
Madi and two of her friends even put on a little routine for the others.
We had other games planned,
 but the girls had so much fun playing together
that I just let the party happen and didn't follow any kind of schedule.
Madi was so excited that not only were her friends from Branson able to come but
her friends from Trinity Christian Academy were able to be here too.
The girls giggled and swung in the hammock

Madi wanted to bob for apples so we did that too,
she is a no fuss kinda girl

What a day. It was colorful, inexpensive and loads of fun.
Most of Madi's gifts were homemade also, which I loved.

Yes, I would say she is.

And so am I.

Have a blessed weekend friends!

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