Wednesday, October 3, 2012

On my heart


We have the power to love others...
love them well.
We have the power for good.
to create,
to lift others up.
We also have the power to break someone,
to crush,
to wound with our words.
We can be a super hero with our words
the villain.
My Cameron is at that delicate age where
everything is major,
what people say...
impact deeply.
He is about to be 13.
He has the biggest heart.
He is sensitive, kind and brave.
He started Jr. High this year and
some of his fellow classmates
have been
less than kind.
It breaks this mama's heart.
About two weeks ago,
A boy in one of Cameron's classes called him fat.
It hurt Cam's feelings,
but more importantly,
it wounded his heart.
I didn't know how much at the time.
Last night at the dinner table,
Cameron stated he didn't want to eat
to much because he was watching
his weight.
Is he giving away his power to this boy who
on a whim said something hurtful?
I am the keeper of my children's hearts.
Their hurts and my hurts.
I  reminded Cameron that he is a child of God and
he is fearfully and wonderfully made.
He is lovely and wonderful just the way
God made him.
I think about what
is on the inside of Cam's mind and heart,
and what he will not say.
I pray for his heart.
 I pray for him to know God's unfailing love for him.
I pray that when these things happen he will look to God
for his worth and not
at the words or opinions of others.
I pray that he stays the young man he is.
That he continues to lift others up,
That he loves himself for exactly who he is.
That he remembers...
that he is my super hero of good.
Hope you have happy hearts today!

1 comment:

jenshank said...

People are cruel, it's not right. Love you Cam you are beautiful!!


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