Thursday, March 15, 2012

Guest Blogger today...Kassi from Truly Lovely

I am so excited to have my first guest blogger today.  This is Kassi from over at Truly Lovely.  She is a new blogger friend of mine and such a sweetie. Show her some blog love and check out the blog she and her sister have created...It really is truly lovely!!!

Hello there lovely 3 Wishes readers!!!
My name is Kassi and I blog over at Truly Lovely.
It's an 'all things lovely' blog created by myself and my sister, Kayli.
Kassi and Kayli
I am thrilled to be swapping with the lovely Janine this week! She is over at my place as we speak sharing a fun post! Hope you'll pop over and say hello there! :)
Today I have a fun DIY/Craft to share with you dolls.
The hubs and I made Pallet Welcome Signs for some friends of ours and I'd love to share the tutorial with you!
First, hubs cut up an old pallet into several similarly sized pieces. We decided three pieces would make a decent sized welcome sign. Next, I cut out some words in vinyl using my Silhouette SD to make some stencils.
I stenciled the words onto the pieces of pallet using the vinyl stencils, a small paint brush and some black acrylic paint.
We let them dry for several hours.
Once they were dry, we took the three stenciled pieces (per sign) and connected them using two Strong-Tie straps purchased from Home Depot, and a few well placed screws.
You can also see our sign "hanger" in the above photo. The barbed wire was the hubs' genius idea. Adds to the rustic look, don't you think?? We simply cut a small piece of barbed wire, bent it to our liking, then screwed each side down on the back of the sign.
So.... What do you think??
Hubs' was a great help on this one... It would appear he's got an eye for rustic design. ;)
THANKS so much to Janine for having me over today!
She's the Bloggie Bestie over at our place this week!
Hope you'll pop over and give her some blog love while she's there! :)

Truly Lovely Blog
I hope you will pop over to Truly Lovely and see me today.  It is my first guest post. Thanks to Truly Lovely for this first!!


An Irish Italian Blessing said...

I loooove it! They make it look so easy :) Must.Get.Cricut.Out.Of.The.Box!

jenshank said...

Thanks Truly Lovely for your DIY I will totally try making some of those fun signs! Have a beautiful day


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