Monday, March 19, 2012

A BIG Thank You / Positivity Week

I am humbled to be part of Positivity week over at After Nine to Five. This is a wonderful way to lift others up and be encouraging to one another.  So I want to take a minute to say Thank you...Thank you to all the bloggers that I follow.  Your stories have touched my heart and I am honored to know all of you if only by reading about your lives. Thank you for sharing!!!
I have only been blogging since July of  2011, but I adore it so very much.  I try hard to find balance in my life and it has to mean something for me to spend time doing it.
 I have to say it was slow going in the beginning.  I had so much to learn (I still do) but I was so hooked that I stuck with it and what I have found is that...there are so many amazing, giving and lovely women out there who are willing to extend a hand, a kind word, or even help answer a question.
Putting yourself out there is scary at first, well each time I write a post that touches me, I am scared. You never know if you will be judged or get discouraging comments.  I have to say that has not been the case for me.  I  am so thrilled that I have a place I can share my heart and it is safe.  If you are a blogger or are thinking about starting a blog... go Here.  You will be encouraged.  Hope you have the loveliest of days.


Kelly said...

I completely agree how scary just starting out can be. I can't help but think sometimes will people even care or think what I'm writing is just plain ole dumb. This blogging process is therapeutic I think and SO FAR I've met a few REALLY AMAZING women. The encouragement has been REALLY unbelievable!!

3 Wishes said...

People will care if you write from your heart sweet girl!!! So happy you stopped by! Thank you!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Blogging is the BEST isn't it!! It's even better when you meet lovelies like you! ;)


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