Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Christmas at Home

                                        Christmas time
   This year will be a very different Christmas for us.  Our Christmas will be spent at home instead of our traditional trip to Ohio.   We love going to Ohio each year to be with Nate's family.  This year as Nate has just returned home after working in California for the past year, he thought it would be really nice to stay home for the holidays.  We have not done Christmas at home for as long as I can needless to say we didn't have decorations or even lights, (a lot of our things are in storage in Ohio...another story)  So this year I thought it would be fun and less expensive to decorate a little differently.  Some of my 5th grade students were so sweet and brought me tons of pine cones this Autumn.  We painted some of them and others we made sparkly with green and silver glitter.  I had some extra gold balls from my class Christmas tree ( that was donated to me 2 years ago by a students Grandmother...Whom I adore) so I brought some of  them home and we painted them with glue and put the silver and green glitter on them as well.  I asked Nathan to buy some lace to put around the tree, he came home with ribbon instead but it worked out ok I think.
While making my Mom's famous chicken...we got busy and glittered everything we could get our hands on.  Nate, Cam and E even got in on the action and helped Madi and I glitter decorations.  Nate put the star on top and the tree was complete. It was nice family time, bittersweet because even though I know the kids are excited that Nate is home and we are all together, I know they are also thinking,  "we wish we could also go to Grandma's house".  Who doesn't love going to their Grandma's house.
My heart always aches to see my sisters, Alicia and Tanya and my Nephew Chance  in Arizona, But, during the holidays even a little more. So it will be a Merry little Christmas for my family this year with wishes for the future that we will be with all of our family again very soon.   Sending love from Branson to Arizona and Ohio always...

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