Monday, December 5, 2011

I D.A.R.E you

Madi's Memory of the week...

My favorite memory this week is my graduation from D.A.R.E.  My essay won honorable mention and I got a certificate for graduation.  My entire class got a bag full of goodies.  My Mom was the one calling our names on stage to get our certificates, that was cool.
  I pledged to be drug and alocohol free and I am proud of that. I had a fun time during D.A.R.E, I learned a lot. Did you know you can die the first time you do drugs? Our D.A.R.E officer, Officer Sims told a story about how an Indian was on a journey and he climbs a big mountain and when he get to the top he is happy and can see everything.  It is very cold on top of the mountain.  The Indian looks down and sees a rattle snake.  The snake asks the Indian to pick him up, put him in his shirt and carry him down the mountain but the Indian says no at first. The rattle snake promises not to bite the Indian.  After the snake promises many times not to bite the Indian, he gives in and picks the snake up and puts him in his shirt because it was so cold. When they get to the bottom of the mountain, the snake bites the Indian and the Indian says why did you do that, you promised you would not bite me. The snake says you knew what I was when you picked me up.  I liked that story because Officer Sims put it in a fun way to teach us to be careful how to pick our friends and always remember what the snake said.
 I want to grow up drug free.  My role models are my parents, and some of the older kids at my school.  I hope that other kids learned as much as me. Because D.A.R.E is a big deal.
p.s. Do you know what D.A.R.E. means Define, Access, Respond, Evaluate...I learned that too.

also, another favorite moment is that my cousin Avery sent me a box today and I love getting mail and I am gonna send her a box back.

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jenshank said...

Good for you Madi girl what a great week for you! Avery is glad you got your box today we love you


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