Thursday, December 8, 2011

Adoration Parade

It was a cold evening Sunday, but not as cold as last year for the annual Adoration Parade in Branson.  Every year our lovely Ms. McGrath comes up with the neatest idea's for our TCA float.  This year the theme was Let your light shine. -   (This Little Light Of Mine, Addison Road)
This is the inspiration behind our Christmas show at TCA this year as well.  So with gloves and hats Madison and I made our way to the staging area. Madi and the other cheerleaders were dressed as stars and there was even a star costume for up onto the float I went. What fun hearing all the children lined up along the street yelling and cheering as our pretty little float went by.  It was the brightest float I'd seen, we sure let our light shine.
TCA got 3rd place this year and we are all pretty excited about that. 
And afterwards....Hot cocoa at home of course.

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