Sunday, October 9, 2011

Changes and Challenges

   Change happens daily and if you are not in a challenge now...most likely a challenge is around the corner.  Seeing my children face challenges always touches my heart because I get to watch how they walk through that challenge.  It is a profound honor being a witness to the changes they go through and the challenges they face.  Only wish I could make these challenges easier sometimes, but then the lesson would be lost.  I am so very blessed with these three that bless me each day and keep me on my toes.
   In the Bible David has a very good friend named Abashai.   When David's own son turns against him, it is Abashai that stands with David.  When David says he is too tired to fight, his friend says "I will fight for you".  I pray that I have been an Abashai for my children, for others.  We will all face challenges... It is how we face them that matters.  It is how we can help others when they face their challenges.  Are you someones Abashai?

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