Thursday, July 21, 2011

Moments to Memories

This summer is going to fast...that is all there is to it. Me and my three wishes came to Ohio the first week of June and I can't believe it is almost the end of July. My kids are making memories with their Cousins,Grandparents, Aunt and Uncle.  These moments that they spend with each of these amazing people will turn to memories once summer is over.  They have made friends, played hard and have tried new things.  They have discovered new things they like and things they don't.  Children don't get to stay children for long. Our society wants kids to grow up so fast and in doing so they miss so much along the way.  I know my kids are better for spending summers with my guy's family.  So, one of my moments to memory is Ethan teaching Zade how to pray. Wow. There is much more memory making to do...Summer please slow down. I want to drink it in, store all of these cherished moments so I can recall them at will.

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alicia said...

I'm so sad that I cannot be part of the memories they are making now. As I sit here in Tucson and cry about it I know they are happy and healthy. And I know for a fact that mom is looking down at them in awe at what wonderful young people they are turning out to be. I miss all of you so much!!!!


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