Monday, July 18, 2011

Not a happy farm girl

Well I completed my duties on my sisters farm while they were on vacation. It was fun,  a little scary at night, but mostly I felt like a momma and a little kid all bundled in one. There is something magical about running or skipping around a pond and seeing green grass and tress as far as you look. On my last morning though, I could not find their adorable duck Ace. I looked everywhere, but no Ace. I was so upset, I had to tell my sister that I could not find him. He still has not returned. I continue to pray that he will find his way back home and that he is safe. My niece and nephew don't hate me, Thank God, but I am crushed and will always remember my little web footed friend who followed me around for a week.

1 comment:

alicia said...

Let's face it. You never were much of a farm girl. U get freaked out by bees that want to hang out on your knee. :)


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