Friday, July 22, 2011

My 4th Wish

This has been quite a year, full of happiness, gratitude, tears, and Faith.  I am sure you can guess that the 3 Wishes I speak about are my children.   I have basically been a single parent for the last year as my wonderful husband is in California working.  It  has been rather difficult for me but even worse, I fear for my kiddos.  So my prayer each night is that the Lord brings Nate back to us, and brings him soon.  I empathize with all the single Moms out there who go it alone and do their very best to play both roles. I am so blessed to have three sisters who, even though they live far away, are so supportive and Nate's Mom and Dad who I have adopted as my own. I am also blessed to have the support of so many friends that lift me and my kiddos up.  I pray that I don't let my children down, that I follow God's direction in the kind of Mom he wants me to be.  I pray they see the Lord's goodness through me and by doing so they find what it means to do God's will, even when it is the hardest thing to do.  So my 4th wish is Nate himself and to have my guy home with us and have him forever by my side.  I hope and pray that this is God's will also.

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alocia said...

What a great blog Neenee. I dont see anything about e or cam though. Bless u for being brave and trying new things. The kids definately get that from u!!!! Write about me and tanya and chance someday.


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