Tuesday, December 17, 2013

love note to 3

You are never far from my mind...ever.\
In everything I do, I think of you. \
I know you are watching me, \
taking notes in 
your minds.\
Some of what you see, you will discard and say that 
you will never do things the way I did. \
Other things you will tuck away...
and hopefully hold on to forever.\

I was reading a book entitled
"What Kids Wish Parents Knew About Parenting"
by Joe White\
Lovely book. \
It fed me today.\
I loved this...
"What is your child like?
Who is He?
He is not as he sees himself.
He is not as you see him either.
Your child is as he sees himself in your eyes."
I pray, I pray constantly...\
I pray that when you look in my eyes you see the immense love 
that I feel for you. \
That I see in you goodness and light.\
I will not do everything right, I will not do everything
But every decision, every word, every hope,
is filled with love, with respect, with grace.\
In you I have found what it truly means to be alive.\
To be full, to have chaos and peace.\
GOD blessed me the day I had each of you,
He blessed me big.\
Navigating your way through your teens
is an extraordinary feat.\
Which roads to take, 
which friends to make.\
Know that 
 God has chosen US to be a family.\
He has placed you in our care, and for that we are blessed.\
I will always have your back, always.\
He guides us and will protect us.\
As I read through Ephesians today I am once again
reminded that God has us,
to not worry, to be brave.\
So, I say to you
my beloved 3...
do not worry+
be brave +
give more +
love more +
and tuck a little piece of me away today
so that you might remember always
my love for you,
see yourself
the way I see you.\
amazing+delightful+children of God+
My prayer for you today my 3 loves...
And I pray that Christ will be more and more at home in your hearts
as you trust in Him. 
May your roots go down deep into the soil
of God's marvelous love.
 And may you have the power to understand,
 as all God's people should,
how wide, how long, how high,
and how deep his love really is. 
Ephesians 3:17-18

With a love that is wide, long,
 deep and high,

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