Tuesday, December 31, 2013


You were good to us 2013.
You also gave us moments of doubt.
We built things this year. We let go of things too.
Some of my little fam started new things,
exciting things, difficult things.
you dealt us some hard knocks  2013, 
with grace and love
we stood again.

I had a push/pull relationship with you.
I was resistant to some of your lessons,
but had to learn them all the same.
You taught us about pride this year
and how to be humble.
Thank you 2013 for friends who remain...
even when long periods of time separate our time together.
We are richly blessed with each of them.
We were blessed with new friends too.
You gave us some surprises.
You brought new talents.
you brought some tears, you brought more laughter
and a ton more love.
 Each new day 
brought a new sunrise 
a new sunset...
and some of those were more glorious than others
it just made us all the more appreciatve.
We witnessed miracles, we felt heartache.
We felt loved, at times we felt alone.
We are grateful for your lessons.

You brought a sister from miles away
to visit
as a special gift.
You made being apart from family even harder to bear.

as we say goodbye to you...
we look ahead with brave hearts
open minds
ready for a new day
hopeful to be sweetly surprised
and ever ready to
be begin new experiences.

We say goodbye with thankful hearts
for the lessons learned
and for the
ones yet to come.

Thank you 2013 for helping us grow.
For the love, for change, for the blessings.
 As I say goodbye, there is a sense of peace in my heart.
to begin a new,
and to only look back with fond memories
of a year
that I leave behind.

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