Thursday, February 9, 2012

Who do you look up to?

 Character day during spirit week is always fun because you get to see who the kids admire or look up to.  There is usually a sea of red capes floating down the halls.  When my son Ethan was in 6th grade he came to school dressed in his regular clothes for character day, I asked him who he was supposed to be or who he looked up to, he turned around and there, on his back was a picture of his Dad and around the photo it simply stated, "my Dad is my super hero".  I wept. It touched my heart so deeply.
     My son Cameron dressed up as a soldier in his Gilly suit today. This is no surprise to anyone who knows my precious Cam, he is incredibly impressed that these men and women give up so much for our freedom.  He will tell you that it will be him one day, fighting for our freedom. More weeping on my part. My daughter dressed up like a football player, but one in particular...Tim Tebow, with John 3:16 under her eyes and all.  She thinks he is pretty cool.  And me...well, I dressed up as a 5th Grader, with a sign on my back showing the love.  Thought my students would get a kick out of that, and they did.
The obstacle course at the end of the day was a blast for the kiddos.  Here is Cam getting in on the fun. His teacher dressed up as superman today. 
I always think of God on Superhero day cause He is my one true hero always.  That is who I am looking to always to guide, comfort and shield me. Hope your week so far has been as fun and entertaining as mine has been.

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