Thursday, May 9, 2013

Four eyes...

(A sponsored post)

{with the right glasses}
  are better than two eyes!

I remember the very day I got my first pair of glasses.
I was telling my mom that I could
finally see everything so clearly,
I wore bifocals in the 5th grade
so I also paid people to step on them for me.
I have worn glasses ever since those
painful days in 5th grade.

Now however, eyeglasses are so stylish and fun.
You can wear them with a prescription or without.
There are literally thousands of colors and styles to chose from
they have
no line bifocals or progressive lenses. Yeahhh!
They can change your look, your mood
even your outlook!
You can change your look inexpensively and
in a fun way.

Wearing glasses doesn't have to be boring or expensive.
There are so many designers and styles to choose from,
websites that have amazing deals.
I love that you can go online now and buy glasses,
 and prescription sunglasses
and save money at that. has given me a coupon code to share with all my readers.
Just go to here and
                             Use Code: Blog10  for a special discount on their site.

They also have this wonderful tool on their website that lets you take a peek 
at what your new specs will look like on you!
Check it out.

This is a sponsored post by  
however, the words and opinions are my own.
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