Sunday, May 12, 2013

Love~in Mama form

Happy Mothers Day
to all you amazing Mama's out there!
Thinking of my Mama today and Nate's Mama
 who I have adopted as my own,
How they have shaped and loved and taught me so much.
Their love has meant the world to me.

The Stars and I (Mama's Song) - Allison Moorer by Allison Moorer on Grooveshark

On this day,
we celebrate the kind of love that is so amazing
so incredibly difficult to describe
how do you describe a love that is
as pure and magical as Mama love?
A love that makes you feel so complete?
A love makes you want to be better every day.

 And then I look
at the ones
 that call me Mama,
and I know.
With every smile, tear, wound and hug
they have changed my life forever for the better.
Is there even a word to describe what the feeling is
when I look at them, when I hold them.
This is a role of a lifetime...
I am head over heels,
Blessed beyond what I deserve.
They are my reason for everything.
I truly believe there is no love
that is as beautiful, as Mama love. Mama form...
It soothes, if forgives, lifts up, it heals, listens, inspires,
and goes on forever even after a Mama
is gone...
I know this to be true
because not a day goes by that
I don't think about you.

Me and my beautiful Mama 

God Bless you Mama'
Have a beautiful day.

 Keeping close to my heart all the Mama's
who have known a loss...
and those of us who had to see their Mama go too soon,
The ones who are broken hearted today.
May God rain down blessings on you lovely.

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