Monday, April 1, 2013

My God Lives...

Happy Easter Friends...
What Easter means to me is that a promise was kept...
Jesus had victory over death. Amen!
I pray that your Easter was filled with love and light and shared with all those you love.
We started out Easter morning with Joel Olsteen
and finished it with a drive home from Kansas City...
but in between, there was a lot of fun to be had.

The weekend was even more special as we also
celebrated our oldest son, Ethan
turning 15.

Ethan wanted to have a big, backyard party, but the weather here
has not been cooperative, so we are having one in April...
hopefully it will be warmer, and dry.
For now, we decided to take a trip to Kansas City
and go to Sky Zone...
an indoor trampoline park.
All of our kiddos love to jump so we thought this
would be  a lot of fun.
They had a blast.
(You can check out my instagram feed for more pics
of our time at Sky Zone).
Confetti guns were a big hit!

Together with my family...there is nothing better.
These gifts from the Lord
that I am
 so unworthy of.
My God lives and I see it every day
 in my children,
in my hubby,
in the
world around me.
Yes, there is bad...
but you have to choose to see the good too.
It is out there. It is within you!
Jesus rose from the dead,
Jesus rose.
Thank you Lord!!!
So very grateful...
so very blessed.

Madi made this for a school project and I
love that she chose to make a cross.

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