Friday, September 7, 2012

Simple pleasures

It doesn't take much to make this girl happy.
I am the kind of person who finds beauty in little things.
I am inspired so easily.
One place I find inspiration is on Pinterest. So I
Thought I would share a bit of loveliness with you.
These are some items that have brought me inspiration or that
I simply am crushing on at the moment.

I have wanted a tee pee forever.
I am working on a tee pee in our backyard, in the process of collecting all the wood.
I love this outfit for fall. This would be my go to outfit!
Love these for a Halloween party
for my daughters class
Obvious right? I love dandelions! This is fabulous,
I have pinned a round one on Pinterest also.

Now that my pixie is growing out, I am crushing on this style...
Love the color too but not sure I can pull it off.
In love with this table setting.
This is lovely for Autumn
I am job hunting right now,
I love this outfit for work.
This was part of the inspiration behind my daughters upcoming birthday party.
I love accessories, what girl doesn't
This lovely bracelet makes me smile
Come follow along on Pinterest 
and check out lots of lovely things.
Inspiration can be found everywhere. Where do you find inspiration or loveliness?
Happy Friday friends!


Clara Turbay said...

Great ideas!

Ric said...

Good luck and blessings to you for the job hunt! You've got inspiring photos!


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