Thursday, September 6, 2012

Our home is Not...

I don't know about you, but our home is Not quiet. It is messy
 and not as well organized as I would like it to be.
From my oldest playing the drums or his guitar, to my youngest
 giggling with her friends or dancing about,
to my precious middle one
Playing video games or
 shooting his BB gun off outside...
it seems like a jungle here most days. But
I wouldn't trade it for anything. These sounds are the sounds
that remind me that through it all, life goes on.
No matter how I am stressing, or what I am praying about...
These 3 remind me daily
that I have so very much to be grateful for.
For eyes that see them each day,
and ears that hear the way they play,
for a heart that fills up daily with
laughter,  hugs, and long meaningful talks.
Our home is not big, it is not perfect,
It is Not quiet...
but it is full of love,
and I am so good with that!
I woke up around 3am
in a cold sweat, with so much on my mind.
But, as much as I wanted to stress about things,
All I could think about is the fact that
there is always someone going
through something
way more difficult that what I am going through.
It is a wake up call that money can't buy the
most important things.
I would stress way less with more of it,
but I wouldn't trade what I have now
for it.
I know God hears my heart, He knows
our situation at this very moment.
So, as much as I wanted to stress early this morning,
I believe it was God who touched my heart and
let me know that "child while
you don't have much, you have a lot".
So, how can I stress knowing that?

I hope you are having a wonderful week friends.


Tiffanie A said...

Beautiful words!

jenshank said...

So very true, so many are going through such awful things right now and loosing loved ones for loved ones are sick, we are all blessed!!


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