Monday, September 3, 2012

New ventures

"Do not wait until
 conditions are perfect
to begin.
makes the
~Alen Cohen

It is always scary starting something new, to take that first step
 onto an unknown path.
Oh, but the excitement and energy
the endeavour
is equally as great!
To be able to do something you love
and bring others joy
Is there any better feeling than that?
God's perfect timing never fails.
My sweet friend, Robin Hughes and I
 have started a small photography business,
specializing in outdoor photography.
~Strike A Pose Photography~
We would like to offer photos that
are beautiful and affordable for everyone.
I  invite you to "like" our
Facebook page and take a look at our work.
Please help us spread the word,
You can "like" our page
I pray that you would wish us well
on this new vevture,
and pray that we
will be a  blessing to others.

So here is to all of you beginning something
Go for it. Make your mark.
Do something you love.
Just begin!

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stephanievarno said...

Congrats on your new venture!!

w said...

best wishes on your new business!


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