Friday, August 31, 2012

Back to school, fashion and fun

My High Schooler... Vintage Johnny Cash tee, given to him by a Senior from his old school.
I love this photo, Reminding us... that it is ok to be different!
In fact...  I would rather they not follow the crowd.
My son Cameron is in Jr. High, this is such a difficult age. My heart hurts for him
 as he goes through so many changes.
But I know God is with him daily to help him make his way through this world.
What a week.  I have been a busy girl, and so have my kiddos.  Between homework, play rehearsal and now soccer will be starting for Madison. Whew, not complaining
 but we have kicked things into high gear over here and school has just begun.
I am happy that my 3 wishes are feeling good about their new schools and adjusting well. Soon we will have all three in one sport or another and I am wondering how all of that will work out,
but God has a way of making things fall in line! 
I have been excited to finish this post, sharing some back to school fashions and lunch ideas.
My boys weren't thrilled about taking photos,
however they are good sports for me this time around.
The weather here is still warm, so the kids totally take advantage of this and dress casual and light
The kids are into Nike, Vans, and DC shoes right now.  They have always been big fans of Converse.
Just like their Mama!
My little girl loves Justice (of course), but she likes anything from Aeropostle and Target as well. 
She loves her glitter Toms shoes too! 
She is a girly girl, who is all tomboy underneath.

I love little details, like a sweet, pink zipper on this black tee.
                                          These kicks where from his Grandma and Grandpa
The boys love Hollister, Tilly's, and Aeropostle. They are so into skinny jeans right now.
We love the belts from Rue 21.
So, onto the topic of lunches.
I try to be creative with their lunches. They all like different things,
 I just try to make it fun and interesting.
I love this Bento box for lunches I found for Madi at TJ Maxx.
I can do all sorts of neat combinations for her.
The adorable cupcake holder is from TJ Maxx
                                          Cameron loves carrots, strawberries and apples.
 Ethan likes anything healthy. He loves organic foods. 
                                  These cute sandwich bags are from Target in their dollar bins.
                                                           The utensil set is from The Dollar Tree.
   Back to school shopping can be so expensive. I always look for super deals.
   This year we were so blessed with family and friends who were so sweet and
generous with the kids.
It is a fun time of year when everything is new and exciting. 
We are all so busy now, I have to remember to slow down and remind them too,
 not to grow up to fast.
It is going to be a great school year! 


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