Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back to school...letting go

It means, new routines, new teachers, new schedules,
new friends, and new feelings.
And that is just the beginning.
                                                This is new "riding the bus"    
It was still difficult saying good bye to my precious three
 on the the first day of school this year.
 I am blessed with a 6th, 7th and a 9th grader. You would think it would
be easy peasy by now...truth is, it is a little easier but, 
still difficult to let them go.
Sending them out into the world and praying that they will return with
their self esteem in tact is huge.
My prayer daily is that they learn and grow of course,
 but also remain the people they are...
compassionate, loving
 and kind.
With bullying on the rise it seems even
more scary these days to send them off to school.
When you think about it...
"letting go" on their first day of school is really just the
beginning of a long line of "letting go's".
I hope your kiddos are off to a great start. Let's all pray
that this school year is all they wish it to be!

I am working on a fun back to school post with everything from
lunch ideas to fashion fun.  I hope you will come back
and have a peek.

1 comment:

jenshank said...

Thanks for sharing I'm so not ready to let go!! Hope kiddos have a wonderful week tell them we love them


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