Monday, August 20, 2012

Quiet, but productive days

I watched the fog over the lake this morning. It was so beautiful.

What is that? ...oh, it is called quiet. I am not really used to that sound,
as, I am rarely alone.
My three wishes are off at school, hubby is at work and
here I am, in the house alone.
No drums, no guitars, no gymnastics in the living room,
 no bb guns going off outside,
no one shouting Mommmmmmm!
Strange! But nice.
I am almost healed up from the chicken pox and am
finally feeling better.
Marshmellow and I watched one of the baby deer in the yard
earlier. That little one is so darn cute.
I have looked for jobs online, cleaned my house,
 started laundry,
 wrote a love note to my guy,
 and have been working
on some posts for my blog.
I feel productive, but I have to say, it feels so strange
not being at work. Not that being at home isn't work. To all the
stay at home moms out there, trust me, I know how hard
you work. I too, was a  stay at home mom
once upon a time,  I loved it immensely.
While I am job hunting, I want to use my time
in wise ways. I desire to be busy.
So, for now, I'll enjoy the quiet, however
I find myself cranking up the music on and off
throughout the day, just so it's not too quiet.
Happy Monday...Here is to a wonderful, productive
and quiet week ahead.

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