Thursday, June 28, 2012

A new goal for this gal

Oh my goodness do I love Pinterest!  It is so fun checking in and seeing all the lovely pins. You can follow my Pinterest boards by going Here. The other day I was on Pinterest and this little, colorful picture comes up and it is for a 5k.  I click on it and read about the Color Me Rad 5k and am instantly inspired. I have to know more.
I found their site and
I am hooked.
I haven't been able to do a lot of heavy exercise because of some lung issues I had been having, but this is just what I needed to really try.
I have wanted to do a 5k for so long...I would truly love to run a marathon one day.
 I just needed something to get me going. This is it.
 I know that exercise is so good for you, but when you can't because of physical reasons it is easy to give up. I am happy to say that for months I have been red meat and caffeine free and have taken supplements
 from an amazing naturopathic doctor. I am finally feeling better.
 Sometimes it takes that little something to tug at you to make you
WANT to do it,
 Or a big something like a health scare.
My little family may even join me in the fun and run it with me.
You have to admit...that looks like a hoot, right? I can't wait. So, the closet race to me would be in
 St. Louis.  The dates for that race have not been announced yet, so I have time to train.
This goal really started long ago when a dear freind of mine sarted running and then ran her first marathon.
I was so impressed and inspired and proud of her.
 She has since ran several marathons and continues to amaze me.
I mean look at that color, doesn't it just make you happy looking at all that beautiful color?  The website for Color Me Rad is wonderful and full of information.
Inspired yet? Who is with me?
so I started training today and I couldn't be more excited.
Today is the day, today I am ready...To go all the way. 
I know, sounds like Dr. Seuss right?
Silliness aside, I am excited about this and that makes for a happy girl. 
It is so healthy and fun to have a goal.  Something to
look forward to accomplishing.
That is right where this mama is now, ready to get going.
I will be posting about how I am training and how I am doing.  
Should make for a funny read, if you want to follow along.
Thank you to Color me Rad for the inspiration.

all photos in this post are from their site.

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