Tuesday, June 26, 2012

On my mind and in my heart

Hello bloggy friends, Oh my goodness have I had blogging withdrawals. 
To say I have missed writing would simply be an understatement.  
I want to share about all the haps.
My computer had been acting up so I had not been able to write,
My twitter account got hacked.
and then I lost part of my blog. yes, just disappeared.
It is still missing and I am at a loss.
I have been stressing out trying to solve the issue but to no avail. 
Boy is that frustrating.
I hate that I can not figure it out.
Also on my mind is job searching.  I am nervous and excited to see what God has in store for me.
It is a chance to begin something new, fresh, something I love.
In my heart resides love for my 3 wishes that continue to grow before me each new day and 
a summer that is fleeting. I crave to soak in every moment. Every memory.
We made it safely to Ohio and feel so happy and blessed to be here 
with Nate's lovely family. 
We drove in today and whisked the kiddos straight to 
Vacation Bible School.  Ethan is serving
this year with the little ones and it is precious. He feared being place with the younger kids 
and that is right where God placed him. God has a plan, 
we need to just follow!
I have started a wonderful devotion called  Living The Surrendered Life, and I love it.  I am following a few women on Instagram who are also participating, the hashtag is #shereadstruth.
I hope you will join in.
Today's reading was about praying without ceasing.
 It was just what I needed..
In a busy world where we allow ourselves to be pulled in many directions, it is so easy
to lose sight of what is truly important.
To be GRATEFUL for everything, every moment, and to share what is 
on our minds and in our hearts, with God, constantly.

<bits of splendor monday


Earthsurfers said...

I Love Youuuu,

Adriane said...

Hi there! Your blog is so sweet! THanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a note...I am now a follower here at yours!

-Adriane @ fruitfulhomejournal.blogspot.com


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