Saturday, June 9, 2012

looking up while letting others down

                                   I am a bit down today...
                       our trip to Ohio had to be postponed and
        my kiddos are Not happy with me right now. Yucky feeling.
I hate when I let others down, It hurts my spirit. I know sometimes, it can't be helped, but just the same, I hate it.  Hurt, hurts...there is no getting around that.  even best intentions can't take away hurt.  I pray that when I do mess up that I am forgiven. I look up to God to give me answers and help me to do better the next time.
God is so good that way, He knows my heart and knows I would never want to hurt
others,  that I don't want to let anyone down.
It is difficult, always making the right decisions. I think the word always, is a set up.
We can't always do everything right, right?  It is not realistic.
Still, hurting others, hurts. Both sides stink.
I do believe that if you are living in love and try to be
the best version of yourself that you can be,
then people will know your heart.
I think that is the most
we can ask


Malika Bourne said...

bless your heart. If no one has told you , yet, Mother hood seems like a thanksless job at times. I hear you when you write that you are feeling 'down'. this means that you are human and alive. Trust me when I say that this feeling will pass.
I have heardd of parent having a candle to light when ever they need some of their own sapce.
I wish I could say that our kids are kind and sensitive to our needs. but, most kids won't get it until they have a kid just like themselves.
You can validate the kids feeling about disapointments AND be sure to let them know that you share similar feeling, too. If you don't tell them in a firm and appropriate way. they won't know that YOU need their support.
Take care of yourself. ( Having a hard day myself.)

Anonymous said...

💜love you sis! Come home as soon as you can everyone understands

Lissa @ The Looking Glass said...

aww i hope that your day gets better. found you via the wiegands link up and am excited to follow along xo!

Tiffanie A said...

Cheer up momma! I hope things get better for you soon!

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