Monday, June 11, 2012

Ready, set...

I know we are only at the beginning of summer but my mind goes elsewhere when I look at Ethan.
 We went by the high school the other day to pick up his sweetie and
 I just can't believe my boy is a freshman. 
As I drove, I kept finding myself glancing over at him and reminiscing
 about how it seemed like yesterday that he was in his car seat giggling one minute and
throwing up on me the next,
 my little pooh bear, that was E, my pooh bear.
He loved Batman and Kermit the frog.
This boy who now stands before me as a young man is ready, nervous but ready.
I think about his heart and how open it to new friends and new adventures.
I am so happy that he has Madison to talk to to besides me and his dad. She is a good girl, kind, strong of faith and smart. She is beautiful inside and out.
Friendships like this are hard to come by.
High school can be a scary place. But no matter what happens, I know E will be ok. He has a good head on his shoulders. I know he will mess up sometimes, but we learn from mistakes.
 One of the most important things we can teach our children is to hold true to who they are and what they believe. To be leaders and not follow what everyone else is doing. To know that they can count on us to be there no matter what, and to have faith that everything will turn out ok because God has their backs.
I know that it will be ok, even if I do catch myself wishing to turn back the clock at times. I really wouldn't trade this time in life for any other.  It is a part of parenting, of childhood, they grow and we have to let go.
  As Christian parents, we are committed to the purity of our children until marriage. I will be posting more about this in the months to come.

I am linking up with Laura over at Bits Of Splendor today. Hope you will stop by and be inspired to appreciate the little moments.
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