Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday 10... I Heart Instagram

Hey lovelies,  I am linking up with the talented Mom 2 Mephis and Ruby for her weekly Tuesday 10.  Today the theme is I <3 Instagram.  I have to tell you I felt a little jealous when I found out instagram was only for the iphone. Imagine my delight when it became available for android also. yippy. I actually do <3 Instagram!!!

I do realize there are eleven pics, but I have an addiction to wishing sticks...The first step is admitting it right?
Here are some of my Faves.... Keep in mind Androids haven't had Instagram that long so my collection of pics is still growing...I hope you will look me up on Instagram at janine_3wishes. Can't wait to see all the great Inst-pics! Have a wonderful Tuesday evening Loves.


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