Monday, March 26, 2012

Tender teen years

Today I am linking up with Bits of Splendor...Reflecting on this past week 
It was a good week, not special in any way but special in every way when I stop and think about where my little family is in life.  Our oldest son will be 14 this week, on my birthday in fact. 
I am moved to tears when I think about the kind of young man he is becoming. 
He got in trouble last week for not making good choices and it got me to thinking of the pressures he is facing at this tender age.  
Ethan is a really good kid, not perfect by any means, but he is a well mannered, a thinks of others kind of kid. When he messes up, it surprises me, because I know he knows better, it makes me pause because I don't expect him to be perfect...but he is an over achiever and puts a lot pressure on himself.
I think about peer pressure,  bullies, school work, sports and everything else he has going on. That is a lot for any young person.  As he navigates his way through this world he is going to mess up, to make mistakes. It is in the correcting and learning afterwards that means the most.  I was so disappointed in Ethan and he knew it.  He was being selfish and he knew that also.  It wasn't until a few days later when he prayed and reflected on the poor choices he made, that he came to realize what he had done and why his Dad and I were so upset. 
This is my pooh bear, this is the boy who sings Mumford and Sons songs so beautifully, this is the young man that scoops up his sister when she is hurt, this is the young man that takes my hand in the middle of the kitchen and dances with me. 
This is the boy that laughs at silly things and can't wait to drive. This is the soft spoken boy who plays his drums really loud. This is the young man that holds the door open for everyone, this is the young man that made me a mama for the first time almost 14 years ago.  This is the young man that is going to make more mistakes...but I pray, he will continue to learn and grow and pray for God's guidance in his life. I am cherishing these days that are going by very quickly.  It is hard to believe Ethan will be 14 this week. Makes me want to freeze these moments all the more.
So as I look back on the week, it was nothing special but it was everything special to me. 
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Kristina Torrejon said...

Such a sweet post!

jenshank said...

I have been thinking alot about Ethan this week turning 14 it's hard to believe seems like yesterday when you guys blessed us with that handsome Pooh Bear, who knew being an Aunt would be so rewarding. You are an amazing Mom sis I am so proud of all you do! Thank you and Nate for blessing us with those three wishes


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