Thursday, March 29, 2012

Birthday Love x 2

Today, the boy who made me a mama is 14 years old.  As I celebrate his birth today, I celebrate me as well and how far we have come.  From Pooh Bear to the young man that stands before me today.  This precious young man took his sweet time a coming (33 hours), and still takes his time wherever he goes. Ethan strolls. It is hysterical, he can be running late and he never rushes, he just strolls. Me, on the other hand, I rush. 
Time has gone by so quickly and I know everyone says that but it just confirms how true that statement is. My baby is 14.
He loves music and sports and can't wait to drive. His schedule is busier then mine sometimes.
Ethan made me a Mom. He blessed me so, he continues to bless me each day. I have prayed over him and with him, watched him grow, encouraged him, listened to him, wiped his tears, laughed at his jokes, disciplined him, been so immensely grateful for him, praised him, lifted him up when he has been down, spoke the truth to him. This young man has taught me so many things.. He has shown me what a true friend looks like by his actions, he doesn't judge others, he has taught me to slow down, he cheers me on and this blog, he is always willing to step in and help others, he is respectful and kind.
As I think about my birthday, I stop and think of the greatest gift that was ever given to me, this life,  the life and love of this young man, whose heart I guard and whom I admire.
I am so blessed and  undeserving to be so.
A very Happy Birthday to my Ethan...You are a light in this world and I love you so very much! I delight in watching you grow, change and find your place in this world. My God bless you and keep you every day Son.


jenshank said...

No words just tears <3

ms.composure said...

Stumbled onto your blog via the blog hop and just wanted to show you some blog luv! def enjoyed this post!! new follower :)

Megan said...

this is such a sweet post!! I love it! I can't imagine my little boy being 14 and can only imagine the feelings you have right now. It makes me get all teary eyed, ha :) Love it!!

And thank you for the comment and the follow. Following you back : )



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