Monday, April 2, 2012

Birthday Blessings and an award

Today I am linking up with Bits of Splendor 
 Wow...What a lovely week.  First I was truly humbled and blessed by all the love shown to me and my son Ethan on our Birthday, And then come to find that Sarah over at All Things Blogs nominated me for a blog award. I am blushing with all this affection. Thank you so much for all the love and Blessings.

Hi Sarah @ All Things Blogs
Here are 7 things about me...
I love God
I love my little family beyond words
I want to learn to surf
I recently gave up caffiene and meat and I  feel a lot better
If  I could live anywhere, I would live on the beach
I love jet skiing
I am obsessed lately with ballet again

Spring is officially here and I am swooning over all the colors and smells that are taking over.
Over the weekend, Ethan and Madison performed a dramatic duet in a big speech tournament and won 1st place.  It was wonderful getting to see them perform. They have practiced so much and they had won second place weeks before, so they were very excited.

And then this amazing sunset to end the day with.  It doesn't get much better than that. Hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Here is hoping for a wonderful week ahead.

I had to share this...
I walked into my classroom today to find this adorable little lunch from one of my students, How cute is that?!
This little match box contained a cheerio frosted like a donut, a mini turkey sandwich, carrots and raisins. Thank you Elizabeth for such an adorable lunch. Such a cute idea.


Kelly said...

congrats. first place. NICE!

Tesha said...

Hi I am so happy to meet you! What a cute blog you have. I have only been blogging since Feb, I started my blog when my sixth child was stillborn. I really love connecting with other Christian mommies. I see you are a teacher....I always wanted to be a teacher now I am blessed to teach my homeschooling kids. Congratulations on the speech meet my oldest son was always really good at those. I also see you have a skateboarder, my boys love to skate! I look forward to reading more about your sweet family.

Laura@Splendor said...

that little mini-lunch SO cute!!


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