Tuesday, March 6, 2012

10 Things

Today over at "Mom 2 Memphis and Ruby" they are hosting a 10 things day. Today the theme is 10 things you would find in my purse. I thought I would play along for a little fun!
1. My wallet
2. My sun glass case
3. gum and healthy candies (I get these at a health food store that is now destroyed by the tornado)
4. lip glosses and colloidal silver gel
5. My camera
6. first aid kit (my husband calls me the McGyver of our family)
7. My planner and a pen
8. Hair stuff for my daughter: rubber bands and headband
9. hair gel for my sons
10. my keys, with a camera key chain that one of my students bought me for Christmas...so cute

So I have way more than 10 items shown here,The other items are a sewing kit, my herbs I take every day, glasses cloth, my business card holder( found at H&M looks like a camera,love it), my usb (I am forever downloading pics), Itinerary for the young women's retreat I am chaperoning this weekend. The other items in the plastic bag are things I found after the tornado, broken glass, (from the Hilton, which is far away from where I found the glass) Christmas lights and a nail polish bottle, these are dear because of all the destruction around us right now. We are all so blessed that we are safe.
Play along with us, what 10 things are in your purse? Have a great Tuesday!!!


Lena @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

Thank you for playing along! I love that you have "special" things in there in mixed in with all the necessities!

Ashley said...

My purse looks a lot like yours. I always have so much stuff in it!

Salena @ A Little Piece of Me said...

First of all, sad that the store was destroyed. :( I think I need to go find some healthy candies for my girls. Love how you displayed your stuff using the chair. Thanks for linking up! :)

Chas said...

I love these type of posts. It is so fun to see how people are alike and different from yourself by peeking in on something as ordinary as their purses. :-) Thank you for stopping by A Woman's Haven!!


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