Thursday, March 8, 2012

looking forward to...

 Isn't it fun to look forward to things, upcoming events, etc... I am looking forward to many things but trying to keep myself on track at the same time.
I am looking forward to a movie date in our home with my hubby tonight,
To spring break..yeahhhh we get out of school early tomorrow and spring break begins for me and the kiddos,
looking forward to getting a ballet bar and to start dancing again,
I am looking forward to my oldest sons 14th Birthday,
I am looking forward to my blog growing, to more picture taking, to posting a wonderful recipe in the next few days, to making more blogging friends, to growing a garden with my little family.
looking forward to track meets, more sunny days, spring time, trampoline jumping, cookouts, spending time with my precious ones, to our little town being repaired, even looking forward to tourist season.
Life moves so I look forward I always try to remember what is in the "right now", is the most important time because it is all I know for sure that I have.

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