Thursday, February 2, 2012

little gifts

 Gifts come in all different sizes.  My favorite are the ones wrapped in the people I adore.  Their hearts, their smiles, their laughter.  Memories are also a precious gift.
      These are the gifts of life that all to often we take for granted.  The air we breathe, the hugs from those we love, TIME.
     I have been thinking a lot about the gifts I am given on a daily basis. Unconditional love from my children, tenderness from my husband, attentiveness from my 5th graders.
My sweet husband packs the herbs that I am taking each day and makes sure my water is alkalized and that I have everything I need for the day.  My oldest son helps my little girl out to the car with her cheer bag, or backpack. Cameron makes sure the animals get to their special room before we leave. These are things that Bless me in the biggest way. These little deeds, or gifts warm my heart and make me smile.
      The little things....They really are the GRANDEST things!!!
       What little things are you most grateful for? Love to hear about them. Be the Blessing today!!!!

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