Friday, February 3, 2012

Being the example....Being the change

(Our Sons)

Have you seen Ashley's blog "The Shine Project"?  I love it. She is always thinking of ways to help others, like how to send kids to college that otherwise could not afford to go. She is offering a challenge to us all to Be the Change.
     My husband Nathan and I are Blessed to be the parents of a very active trio. Ethan is 13, Cameron is 12 and our precious girl is 10.  We are so aware how much they watch us.  Everything starts at home... Everything.  Our children learn to love, to be considerate, to serve, to embrace life, to try new things, to be full of Faith and not fear, and to be the the home is where this starts.
     As a family we try to do service projects when we are able.  From delivering meals to our next door neighbor, to walking and caring for the dogs and cats at the animal shelter, to donating toys to children that are in need, and participating in food drives and laundry for love.  My children are being taught what it means to BE The Change!
     For me as a parent, I am most proud when I see my children interact with others.  This is where it begins. In how we treat others. I was not going to post, only because I have taught my children to be quiet servants...It isn't about getting the praise for doing something good for others, but the deed itself  is the gift for someone else, and the feeling it gives you, that is the gift you get in return.
     God wants us to serve, to help others, to put others before ourselves....That is the point, to be Third.
God, Others, Me. I pray my children are lights in this world and will continue to serve as they grow and let others see God through them,  allow others to see the Change in them. 

     (Our neighbor Fran with Ethan and Madi on Thanksgiving)

(Our son Ethan praying openly at a wrestling meet.)

(Cameron and Madi walking dogs at the animal shelter.)

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ThisLittleMomma said...

I'm so glad that you did post this. I pray the same things for my 9 month old. Thanks for following my blog!



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