Sunday, January 15, 2012


   It doesn't matter where you reside, don't you find yourself secretly wanting more?  I dream of a house with hardwood floors and kitchen cabinets to die for,  but I would totally keep our view.  I would move us closer to where family is.  
   For now I find peace in knowing that wherever I reside, I am in the arms of my love,  and that Gods love and comfort surround us, and all those that we hold dear.  God gives me shelter from all kinds of storms and the high tides that would otherwise knock me off my feet.   What makes where I live special is Nate and our 3 wishes, who share this home with me. Sharing the giggles, the tears, the struggles, the growing pains, the little victories, the hugs, the love in our shelter.
   Even in dark moments, God is there to gently remind me of how Blessed I am and I once again I am so grateful for all I have.  We all need those gentle reminders once in a while...God knows that...He is always there, always listening, waiting for you to lift your heart to Him. He wants to be our shelter!!

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